Millie's Pierogi

Millie's Hooded Sweatshirt!  

Our latest addition, this up-to-date style is especially popular with the kids! Our hoodie is a snuggly 8 oz. 50/50 sweatshirt - just the right weight for a fall day.  All red with just the left chest printed with our logo in white, they wash well and keep their color. 

Sizes:  Adult Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, and XXXLarge. 

Price:  $25

Millie's Prune T-Shirt

Another of our sought-after T-shirts, declaring "Millie's Prune Pierogi . . . .a moving experience!" on the back.   Breaking with our traditional colors, it's a purple T, 50/50 blend that keeps its size and color.  They've been popular, but Mom says this is the end of bathroom humor, so get yours now!" 

Sizes:  Adult Medium, Large, XLarge, 2X, and 3X

Price: $15

Millie's Plush Bear

Let our plush bear give a hug when you can't be there!  Include him in a box of 6 trays for the perfect combination of emotional and gastronomic comfort!

He's 8 inches of snuggly white plush, wearing a T-shirt from his favorite pierogi company!  Guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one's face, and warmth to their heart.

Price: $8

Millie's T-Shirt

Terrific for those warm days! Our 50/50 T-shirt is white with red ringers, and the name of your favorite pierogi printed in red & black.

Sizes: Adult Medium, Large, and X Large

Price: $15

(back of T-shirt)

Millie's Kapusta T-Shirt

For those with a certain sense of humor...a little irreverent, perhaps, but puts a grudging smile on even the most straight-laced faces!  Come on - every family has someone who would get a kick out of one of these!

The T is a 50/50 blend, so it won't shrink or run.  It's red with our logo in white on the front left chest, and the incomparable proclamation on the back side:  "Millie's Kapusta . . . natural gas!"

Sizes:  Adult Medium, Large, XLarge, 2X, and 3X

Price: $15

Millie's Sweatshirt

When it turns cooler, snuggle up with our bright red sweatshirt. Our logo is printed in white on an 8 oz. 50/50 sweatshirt, so it stays nice and bright when washed.

Sizes: Adult Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large

Price: $20

Millie's Baseball Cap

Our red cap with logo embroidered in white & black will look sharp on you! Technical stuff: itís a 100% cotton, 6 panel, medium-profile cap with a velcro strap to fit.

Price: $12

Millie's Sports Bottle

Our new style sports bottle fits perfectly on your bike, with a push-pull drinking top. Printed with our logo in white on red plastic, it holds 28 ounces and has a wide mouth that's easy to fit ice cubes into.

Price: $3

Millie's Flyer

Have some fun with our red Frisbee-style flyer! Itís printed in white with our logo and phone number, so youíll always remember how to get in touch!

Price: $2

Millieís Mug

We love our mugs - take them to the beach, in the car, to the pool. . . Keeps our coffee hot and our iced tea cold! The bright red plastic exterior, printed in white and black, houses an insulated stainless interior.  It holds 16 ounces and has a slider top to keep the contents from spilling.

Price: $7


Millie's Shopping Bag

Take our new reusable shopping bag to the supermarket, the beach, use as a baby bag or a tote - the possibilities are endless! 

Price: $2

Millie's Fanny Pack

A great size red nylon bag with three zippered compartments. Big enough to hold my hairbrush, but small enough to carry comfortably. The embroidered logo patch on the front is in red and white on a black background.

Price: $12

Millie's Jacket

A nice weight for those cool evenings. Our flannel-lined red nylon jacket is screen printed with our logo on the back and front left chest.

Sizes: Adult Large

Price: $35

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If you are ordering a box of 6 trays and would like your Millieís Merchandise included in the same box, there will be no additional shipping charge. If, however, you are ordering only Millieís Merchandise, or what youíve ordered wonít fit into the box, there will be a shipping charge of $5. Your Millie's Merchandise will be sent ground service UPS, and should arrive in 1 - 6 days.

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