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What are People Saying About Millie's Pierogi?

"...your advertisement was like an answer from heaven...Everyone wants pierogi for the holidays and I feel like hiding already. If we like them I'll order some for Christmas."
and then,
"Your beautiful, delicious pierogi are out of this world! Now I can relax and enjoy the holidays."
Jewett City, CT
"They tasted exactly like my grandmother's. What a treat!"
Largo, FL
"I feel your product is far superior to the frozen products available at the grocery store." Eureka, CA
"The pierogi that I was sent arrived in excellent condition. Your packers and shippers are professionals." Alexandria, VA
"Thank you so much for helping us get them a gift which brought back 'mama's kitchen' to them. They were absolutely delighted with the real pierogis." Yorktown, VA
"This really made our day." Bayonet Point, FL
"The pierogi arrived in great shape and are superb. Your company has been a great find." Coral Gables, FL
"I want you to know that YOUR pierogi are closest to what I used to make in my day. At 75, this has gotten to be a chore so I keep looking for an almost perfect replacement. I think yours were better than mine." Miami Shores, FL
"I received my first shipment of your pierogi in very good shape. They were nice and fresh. We enjoyed the fillings of sauerkraut (nicely spiced), plain cheese, and potato & cheese." No. Cape May, NJ
"Your products are wonderful and arrived in excellent condition." Davidsonville, MD
"Thank you for the great pierogi! I am sharing them with everyone and the approval is unanimous!!" New York, NY
"I do not know if your outfit is 'big business' but it was a refreshing and delightful change to do business with you." Richmond, VA
"Thanks for bringing a touch of 'nostalgia' to me."
Santa Clara, CA
"I have tried yours and they are just like the ones my grandmother made." West Groton, MA
"They are fabulous. Thanks again for introducing me and my son to the most delicious treat." New York, NY
"I purchased a box of 6 trays of your potato & cheese pierogi on 9/27 thinking pierogi through mail order, how good can they be? Well, being of Polish heritage was I ever surprised! They arrived cold and in perfect condition. They were absolutely delicious. I make my own, when I have the time and yours definitely taste and look homemade, so I really appreciated your product. My family loved them."
New Windsor, NY
"I had the opportunity to stop and eat at your stand at the 'Big E'. What a wonderful meal! Since then, I have ordered some pierogi's for myself, but, I must say that my friends have done a good job eating them!" Kingston, MA
"I must commend you on the packaging - everything arrived in very good order." Rockville, MD
"This is my second order. I haven't had pierogi this good since I left NJ 20 years ago!" Laguna Beach, CA
"The pierogi are like the ones my husband's aunts used to make. Also, thanks for the great service. You will be hearing from us again." Adelanto, CA
"Thanks for your offer. I was going to order a box. The wife said, 'Why not order a couple of boxes?'. Now you know who really likes pierogi!" Mountain Home, AR
"Thank you very much for the personal service. The pierogis were delicious and you are very nice people." Van Nuys, CA
"I placed an order for pierogi and they were very promptly received in good condition. I am a 90 year old person and remember many years ago helping my mother making pierogi. They taste so much like the ones my mother made."
New Bedford, MA
"Your wonderful pierogis were enjoyed throughout the Christmas week. They brought back memories of Christmas at my grandparents home in Shenandoah, PA." Waukesha, WI
"Thank you for your recent speedy shipment of pierogi. We had a feast that night and thoroughly enjoyed them." Mattapoisett, MA
"Thanks very much and you have an excellent product, just like the Pana's make in St. Michael's Church in Derby, CT".
Las Cruces, NM
"Thanks for the pen. What a great way to run a business. You've made us feel like part of the family." Yarmouth Port, MA
"I would have written sooner when I received the order of pierogi but I was too busy eating all of them. They sure are the best! I must admit that I was a little skeptic about how they would compare to the old fashion ones that my mother's friend made. I have to admit that yours are about as close to perfect as I have ever tasted or made myself. Now I can really have home made pierogi's without the work! Thank you for making a very, very enjoyable product with the taste of homemade right from the container. You have done an outstanding job and I really do appreciate them." Bigfork, MT
"I spoke with a very pleasant person on the phone...I ordered the pierogis for a Russian dinner I was preparing for our local theater group's opening night reception ... The pierogis were a big hit." Flagstaff, AZ
"For Christmas I had sent pierogis to my sister in PA. When she received them she called me to tell me she went to Heaven!" Easthampton, MA
"WONDERFUL!!! Never had them before." Hampton Beach, NH
"They were tender and tasty and our company paid us compliments, thinking they were homemade. My wife has been making pierogis every Christmas for years and yours are equal to hers." Jackson, TN
"My mother-in-law would make pierogi whenever we visited her home in Cleveland. We all remember these visits with much warmth and love. Thank you for helping us to recall these wonderful times." Sacramento, CA
"I appreciate the personal touch you add to your business. The letters you write back with each order are most welcome and the message they convey is (with apologies to Hallmark) that you care enough to send the very best. And from my telephone conversations with some of your staff, I know that you are not the only one to pass along the personal touch." Yarmouth Port, MA
"One pierogi tray made 3 enjoyable meals for me in one day. Irresistible." West Falmouth, MA
"Thank you for the extra effort of making it a personalized gift." Eden Prairie, MN

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